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Fisherman’s Friend

Risby Park Fishing Ponds consists of 4 ponds set in a small tree lined valley between Beverley and Cottingham. See ‘How to find us’ page for full directions.

When asked “why do you like fishing at Risby Park” Anglers listed their top 3 reasons as:
1. No Bait bans
2. Keepnets allowed
3. Good distance between pegs

Day tickets are purchased on the bank and cost £6.00 adult and £4.00 Junior and concessions (Extra rods £2.00 each)

Fishing is from 7am to 9.30 pm when the main gate automatically closes.

For anyone visiting for the first time it’s worth having a chat with Lee the Bailiff to find out what baits and which ponds are producing the best results.

The carp pond (Gillen Springs) is heavily stocked with mirror, common and ghost carp from 4 oz to 22 lb, tench from a few ounces to 3 lb, bream to 7 lb and there are also small roach and varying size ‘ide’ and perch. The depth of water ranges from 5 ft around the island to 7 ft 6″ at peg 1/38 end.

Risby Park Fishing PondsThe tench pond (The Gorse) is again heavily stocked with predominantly tench to 10 lb, carp to 20lb, ide to 3lb, skimmers to 8oz and there are also stocks of chub and roach. This pond is particularly suitable for the younger angler as there are plenty of ‘bites’ to keep the interest flowing.
Match weights, which have increased annually, have been recorded at around 100 lb for both ponds. Depth on the tench pond varies from 2 ft 6″ at the narrow end, 4 ft 6″ at the aerator and a maximum of 6 ft 6″ at the widest end.

Risby Park Fishing Ponds Folly LakeFolly Lake which opened on 10th July 2002 is our new 3 acre match/pleasure lake. This renovated historic lake, nestled within Risby Wood is bounded by an ancient folly and boasts ample , convenient parking and a generous peg spacing of 12 metres. The lake has been extensively stocked at the latter end of 2001 with thousands of fish, predominantly carp ranging from a few ounces to 10 lb, Ide from 2oz to 3lb, Tench to 5lb, Skimmers /Bream to 3lb and some roach and perch. Initial pleasure nets have exceeded 100 lb of fish and the current match record is 96lb for a six hour match.

Our latest pond to open is the ‘Orchard Pond’ located adjacent to the carp pond. Nestled between two wooded areas, the pond has its own car park and has been pegged at 10m intervals to accommodate 20 anglers. Initially it has been stocked with thousands of small carp to 2 lb with bags of up to 60 lb being recorded. Once again this will be a firm favourite for the novice angler.

One issue that we like to stress at Risby Park is that anglers take good care of our fish. This is addressed by handling fish gently – use of a ‘landing net’ is a must and emptying keep nets with care and at regular intervals, when permitted. We do allow the use of keep nets but we request that carp over 3 lb be returned to the water except in matches.

Tight Lines

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