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Great! You’re one of the first to join us

Folly Lake Cafe CakesThank you for joining our email list. We thought we’d let you know from the off that we don’t intend sending you lots of pointless emails.

Our mails will be infrequent, of value and worth reading – because we hate spam mail as much as you do.

So.. what happens next.. right now a geeky internet robot is sending you an email with your free voucher for a refreshing Yorkshire tea – or if you’re like me, a Delicious fresh coffee and a yummy home-made scone with cream and jam.

All you have to do is print off the email (this is very important) and bring it along with you to receive your free gift.

Please don’t cut off any part of the email that has your name on, as this is how we make sure that everyone gets their fair share.

Folly Lake Cafe Scones


Well what are you waiting for, we’ve put the kettle on and our friendly staff are waiting to serve you.

See you soon

Folly Lake Cafe and Staff