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Ramblers Rest

Risby Park often gets mentioned on dedicated Ramblers and Walking sites and has lots to offer, whatever your level of walking interest.

folly lake cafe walksAn ever popular circular route, we’ve named it ‘The Risby Round’ takes you anti-clockwise around Risby Park (approx 2.9 miles). Starting from the Folly Cafe car park walking back up the hill to dunflat lane (Risby Park Fishing Ponds entrance) take a left and follow the lane until you reach the end of Folly wood. Here you’ll see a footpath sign leading down the edge of the wood. This path curves to the left and dips down before raising again across the open field ahead. At the end of the path a small break in the hedge leads you onto the main road (Coppleflat lane) for just a few meters before turning left again onto the track through the signposted gate.

Folly Lake cafe walksStraight ahead now, along this well marked path, you enjoy open views in all directions. This is the highest point of the walk that takes you deeper into the old Risby Park Estate. Anyone wanting to take a rest will find an enormous yet welcoming tree stump half way down this leg of the track.

Further along you’ll see one of the numerous information plaques detailing the history of Risby Park and its previous owners. We won’t go into detail here though, you can find out for yourself while taking in the natural beauty here.

risby park walksThe track now starts to dip again then slowly raises as you turn left through the open gateway onto Park Lane, an ancient chalk track that joins Dunflat lane a few hundred meters ahead. Back onto Dunflat lane on the homeward leg of this journey takes you past another information plaque and Risby Farm.

Back through the main gate into Risby Park Fishing Ponds and moments later you are sitting down enjoying one of our fresh ground coffees and home made cakes or maybe a fresh panini if you’ve walked up an appetite.

You can view the Risby Round Walk here along with photos pinned to points of interest along the way by clicking here.